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The next 6 years- Tuas will be the hot spot in singapore

High-speed rail: Tuas West or Jurong East for end-point 


The proposed high-speed rail (HSR) between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offers valuable opportunities for property developers in singapore and malaysia

estimated Completed by 2020, will reduce travel times from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to just 90 minutes.

In Singapore, there are three possible locations for the train terminal – the city centre, Tuas West and Jurong East.

The attention from Developers, investors, contractors and other real estate industry players have much to look forward to when the terminal location.

Tuas West and Jurong East as fairly evenly matched areas to house the terminal, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had named the three locations as possible stops for the planned high-speed rail link with Kuala Lumpur.

Why invest in Woodlands

Why invest in Woodlands



1. Invest in Future Growth – Reap the potential gains due to the exciting development plans to Woodlands Regional Centre. 100 hectares of land dedicated to bring jobs closer to homes in North – Woodlands North Coast will be transformed to waterfront business and leisure district, whereas Woodlands Central will be repositioned as North area regional retail hub.

With a dedicated linkway that connects to Malaysia, the interest and demand for quality housing in Woodlands holds great promise for potential gain in home values. Don’t miss the opportunity to cash in with an affordable executive condominium, which only the eligible buyers have the privilege to own.

2. New MRT station – 7 minutes stroll to the new Woodlands South MRT on Thomson Line providing improved connectivity to Shenton Way, business district and Marina Bay and other parts of Singapore. Forestville owners can rejoice in the enhanced convenience as a result of this excellent development.





Why Invest Property in Medini Zone( Iskandar Malaysia)

UNIQUE: Pretam explains how Medini Iskandar uses a different mechanism to sell land/property to foreigners who enjoy certain exemptions

Medini Iskandar Malaysia is a world-class approved development of 2,230 acres/96 million sq ft with gross floor area of 182 million sq ft complete with infrastructure. Designed as an international metropolis, it is meant to attract international population and tourists to live within a sustainable development.
Medini, being in one of the flagships in Iskandar Malaysia, located within the Nusajaya Flagship Area, has strong support from the Johor state government. It is envisioned to attract foreign purchasers in hordes.
Leases for foreigners
This unique development has come up with a special way to deal with foreign purchasers. Instead of foreigners directly buying the freehold land, Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) has appointed  Master Concessionaire Lease Developer (MCLD) / Subsequent Layer Investor (SLI) who would sell leases to end purchasers.
This means that what the end purchasers acquire is only a lease for a certain period of time, namely 99 years, and in some cases, an option for a further 30 years. Since the investment and development concept in Medini involves local retention of freehold ownership, the concept of ownership for foreigners in Medini is based on a lease structure whereby at the end of the lease period, the land will revert to IIB.
Each transaction carried out by the registered lessee will only involve a lease transaction and will not affect the freehold title of the land. So what the purchaser gets is a lease which can be said to be a long- term tenancy and not a leasehold.
This sale of leases is perhaps one of the first of its kind in Malaysia although it is a well-known practice in other countries like Australia and Canada. In these countries, there are special legislations relating to sale of leases in stratified developments.
The distinguishing feature is that under the Strata Schemes (Leasehold Development) Act 1986 of New South Wales, for example, the original owner is able to retain a fee simple interest in the entire estate, with subsequent purchasers obtaining only a leasehold interest in their respective lots. These lacunas or gaps in our legislation need to be addressed in order to properly manage the parcels once the developments are completed.
As the law stands currently in Malaysia, there can only be the standard agreement between purchasers and developers, namely Schedule H and G of the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989, which does not cater for sale of leases.
Therefore, developers undertaking developments in Medini have to apply for an exemption from the Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government to cater for varied forms of these agreements in order to implement their projects.
Basic Guidelines
The main focus of the Guidelines is to serve as a guide for the process of transfer of lease/granting of lease to foreign end-users (after MCLD/SLI) in Medini.
The State Authority via the Land and Mines department (PTG) has provided the following flexibilities to end-users (foreigners):
• Consent for foreign ownership would not be required to go through the State Authority (through Jawatankuasa Hasil Bumi Committee/EXCO); and
• Generally, blanket approval has been granted by the State Authority to the Land and Mines Department (PTG), subject to the Foreign Ownership Guideline in Johor i.e. – to grant consent for foreign acquisition of lease (by the end user) in respect of properties in Medini without having to go through the State Authority (through Jawatankuasa Hasil Bumi Committee/EXCO)
Fees and processing timeline:
• Levy of RM10,000 and application fee of RM500 will have to be paid during application for consent.
• The whole process will be shortened to two weeks as compared to the normal process which takes three months.


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Read more: Advisory: Exemptions for foreign buyers in Medini Iskandar – RED – New Straits Times

Malaysia high-speed rail will pass through Nusajaya to Singapore

The proposed high-speed rail linking Kuala Lumpur to Singapore will not be built along the existing North-South highway in peninsula Malaysia, said the head of the country’s Land Public Transport Commission, Syed Hamid Alba

Fri, Aug 30 2013  Channel News Asia
10:15, Singapor


MALAYSIA: The proposed high-speed rail linking Kuala Lumpur to Singapore will not be built along the existing North-South highway in peninsula Malaysia, said the head of the country’s Land Public Transport Commission, Syed Hamid Albar.

high speed train


Mr Syed Hamid said the high-speed rail is expected to pass through Nusajaya in Johor state before crossing the straits into Singapore.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia, he disclosed that technical teams from both sides are now ironing out details, including the modality and cost structure.

He said: “There are two parts. One part is the cost of building up to Singapore, how much is the the Singapore portion, the other part is on operating. Our Prime Minister has talked about whether Singapore is interested in an operating company for the high-speed rail, as even though coming into Singapore, the distance is very short it’s very costly.”

The pricing of tickets, said Mr Syed Hamid, will be market-driven and affordable, and probably benchmarked against the average economy airline ticket.

So far, several consortiums have shown interest in bidding for the multi-billion dollar project. They include MMC Gamuda, UEM and YTL Corporation.

How the above project will affect the price of medini project….

New property loans Cooling measures by MAS Singapore

Singapore new cooling measure was announce on 28 June 2013 … The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) introduce a Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework for all property loans granted by financial institutions (FIs) to individuals1.  This will require FIs to take into consideration borrowers’ other outstanding debt obligations when granting property loans. They will help strengthen credit underwriting practices by FIs and encourage financial prudence among borrowers.

TOUGHER rules have been imposed on mortgages to stop home buyers getting in too deep and to plug loopholes that let people dodge tougher loan limits on second and subsequent properties.

The new curbs are not seen by the Government as another step to cool soaring prices, but property experts say they will still have some effect by reining in borrowing especially those property investors.

The rules, which take effect 28/6/13 , demand that lenders consider a borrower’s total debt obligations, including other mortgages and loans for cars, before granting a new home loan.

night view

What the new Rule……….BY MAS Singapore


Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework to be used

  • Consider monthly repayments of new loan and all other debt.
  • Calculate new loan repayments using medium-term interest rate (3.5per cent for home loans) or prevailing interest rate, whichever is higher.
  • Discount variable income and bonuses by at least 30 per cent.
  • Discount financial assets if used in calculating income.

Loan-to-valuation rule changes

  • Borrower of loan must be mortgagor of the home.
  • If borrower fails to meet TDSR threshold, his guarantor to be included as co-borrower.
  • Use income-weighted average age of joint borrowers in deciding loan tenure.

For instance, if the father has a higher income than his son, it may mean an older average age and shorter loan tenure

Whose Will be affected

Investors who were intending to enter the property market now to lock in a low rate of interest may be thwarted, particularly if they are already highly leveraged.

2nd home buyer whose intend to buy for investments purpose.


Johor Property still under valued.

Johor Property still

Under valued

Understand this chart you will be forsee what and where to invest in malaysia



AFINITI RESIDENCES- Launched: jun 8 2013                          1 MEDINI -Launched: January 2012

Price: From RM850 psf to RM1,000 psf                                                Price: Average of RM450 psf

Afiniti Medini

1 medini


Since year 2006, property buyers from around the region are flocking to iskandar malaysia to buy property.

Prices are soaring up almost 100% for iskandar project witin fe1 year, Developers new launches now cost almost twice as much as those released early last year.

Prices have risen fastestespecially  in Medini and Puteri Harbour area, due to more educity, theme park and singapore wellness park coming into the area. prices are increase almost 120% within 2 years.

For example, on  jun 8 1013 Afiniti Residences in Medini( a project by singapore well known developer), an area in Iskandar’s Nusajaya zone, with prices ranging from RM850 (S$340) per sq ft (psf) to RM1,000 psf. Whole project was sold 100% sold within a day.

Another project 1 Medini by WCT, the first residential project in Medini, where sold at an average price of RM450 psf  around January 2012, subsequently Medini Signature tower 1 was sold around 540psf   when they were launched in November last year. Meridin Suites will launch on April 2013 at average RM650psf to RM750psf.  on the other hand A well known Japanese investment fund bought an entire tower of 285 units at Iskandar Residences in Medini, launched last month.

At at Puteri Harbour, Iskandar’s  freehold condo Pinetree Residences was launched in March for RM1,200 psf to RM1,600 psf. Encorp Marina at RM 1200psf around the same time last year, serviced apartment Somerset Puteri Harbour Iskandar was launched at an average price of RM800 psf.

Developers are building another 13,500 condo and serviced apartment units in Iskandar for the next few year, prices will continuous climbing up due to high demand from  the region investors.

In Contrast  singapore government 7 round of property cooling measures were imposed , Singaporeans have rushed to Iskandar to invest in condo units, Malaysia developer are building  high security system for condominiums for they project, this give Singapore buyer a piece of mind when there invest in iskandar malaysia

Singapore are snapping up homes in Iskandar Malaysia

More property investors are giving Singapore a miss and are snapping up homes in Iskandar Malaysia instead after the government raised the additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) earlier this year.

A model of Iskandar Malaysia.

SINGAPORE: More property investors are giving Singapore a miss and are snapping up homes in Iskandar Malaysia instead after the government raised the additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) earlier this year.

Real estate agencies PropNex and OrangeTee said they have seen an increase in sales transactions and enquiries for homes in Iskandar Malaysia in Johor Bahru, and a lot of that demand is from Singaporeans.

In the past month, property agency OrangeTee said its agents have sold close to 100 residential units in Iskandar Malaysia.

This works out to 25 transactions per week — way above the average of 10 units sold per week in 2012.

OrangeTee said a key reason for this spike is the increase in the ABSD in January 2013.

From January 12, 2013, Singaporeans who already own one residential property will have to pay an ABSD of seven per cent when they buy a second property, while foreigners have to pay a 15 per cent tax to own a home in Singapore.

The agency added that about four in five buyers of homes in Iskandar in May have been Singaporeans.

Christine Li, head of research and consultancy at OrangeTee, said: “We did an informal survey at our exhibition over the weekend — about half of the people we surveyed, about 120 buyers, mentioned that they do not want to pay ABSD in Singapore.

“Some of this demand has shifted to overseas properties, particularly Iskandar Malaysia. We received about a 50 per cent jump in enquiries over the past few weeks, especially after the Malaysia General Elections because this sort of signals the political stability in the region for at least another five years.”

Apart from avoiding the additional stamp duty, PropNex said investors are also drawn to the lower prices of homes in Iskandar, with some costing just a third of current home prices in Singapore.

Analysts said the impending tax hike for foreigners who own properties in Johor is also unlikely to deter investors. They expect the tax hike to be marginal and will probably affect high-end residential properties.

Recently, 147 units at Afiniti Residences at Medini in Iskandar were sold out in just one day, with Singaporeans accounting for a quarter of the purchases.

Mohd Ismail, CEO of PropNex, said: “The Iskandar story is exciting though because of a lot of planned activities, like the recent launch, which is a joint venture between Temasek and Khazanah. These are the things that give Singaporeans a greater confidence — that Singapore companies are playing their part, as well as the intended MRT line that is supposed to go across and so on.

“About three weeks ago, when we were part of the marketing agent for Meridin@Medini, we had about 150 sales done. The bulk of it — 95 per cent were all Singaporeans. The remaining five per cent comprised of PRs who are residing in Singapore and a small number of foreigners, like Chinese and Indonesians.”

Apart from Singaporeans, OrangeTee and PropNex said many investors from China have also snapped up units in Iskandar Malaysia, especially at the new integrated development at Danga Bay by well-known Chinese developer Country Garden.

Some analysts said properties in Iskandar may be attractive but investors need to consider the potential risks as well. For instance, whether they will be able to get a tenant or whether there will be an oversupply of new units in the future.

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Will property prices in Singapore drop soon?

Big Question for you: Will property prices in Singapore drop soon?

A lot of people are waiting for property prices to drop, hopefully soon. But it has been on the rise since 2009, without taking a breather (refer chart in one of the pictures below)…..
7 rounds of cooling measures (each one harsher than the previous ones) are not helping it to drop, it is still going upwards, albeit slower…

So, wiill your wait eventuate? Yes, it will eventually! But the BIG question is “When???”

Do you have to wait till, say, perhaps 4 years later?? And then you miss a chance to make a decent/even a good profit by then if you have invested now? Well, your are right, it’s anybody’s guess!!

Prices of properties in Singapore will most definitely drop if there is going to be a worldwide recession or an Asian recession or a South East Asian recession or Singapore going into a severe recession. Or a crisis of a big scale.

But the truth is …..

The world’s biggest economy, the US economy, is recovering and it is scaling back its QE3 programme, aka its monthly money printing exercises.

As for the 2nd largest economy China, “Expansion will be about 7.75% this year (2013) and next”, David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the IMF, said on 29 May 2013 at a press briefing in Beijing after concluding an annual review of China. Still healthy.

South East Asia countries’ economies, including Singapore, are also still healthy and some even growing very strongly. In fact, solid growth for Southeast Asia is forecast to continue until 2017. And on 23rd of May 2013, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced that it will maintain the GDP growth forecast for 2013 at 1% to 3%. Still healthy.

In US, the Federal Reserve said that it will keep interest rates extremely low until 2015. So, similary, Singapore’s interest rates will continue to be low till 2015 too! Are you taking advantage of the low interest environment? One should always leverage and borrow more when interest rates are low (but not over-leveraging). Are you letting your money working harder for you now or just putting the money idling in the banks earing mearge interests of less than 1% p.a.?? Think again.

Q: When should I enter the property market? Now or later?

A: Enter now when I am ready now (else save up more & enter later) and also provided that I am comfortable with the current & future monthly mortgage instalments, even if interest rates were to rise up to a high of 3-4%. As long as I have strong holding power, I can always wait out the down times and sell my properties at a good profit at good time again. It is when I sell that matters most.
And as long as I invest in a value buy or buy a good deal or invest in a good property in a good location now, even though prices are at a all time high. Bearing in mind that the Singapore government is still spending heavily to improve the infrastructure of Singapore in many years to come and that the projected population will grow till 6 million from the current 5.3 mil, and eventually trend towards the 6.9 million when the infrastructures are in place, hence there is still a very healthy future demand for housing.

SO, invest in a good property in a good location NOW, if you are ready to buy! Why wait futher??!!??

The time is NOW…..

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Belgravia Villas@AMK

Kingford Hillview Peak

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